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Countdown to BMM 2013 07.05.2013 7:00
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COSMOS BMM Sa Re Ga Ma 2013

सात सुरांच्या दुनियेमध्ये गाऊ आपण गीत सारे।
सारेगम च्या मंचावरती जोडू मायमराठी सारे।।

COSMOS BMM Sa Re Ga Ma 2013 Finalists 

In the photo: Pratibha Damle (Richmond), Samidha Joglekar (Toronto), Ravi Datar (Toronto), Mohan Bhide (Judge), Mohini Joshi (Judge), Ramchandra Joshi (Judge), Prasanna Ganpule (Seattle), Shreyas Bedekar (Houston), and Akshay Anaokar (NY)

The finalists are: Samidha Joglekar,  Pratibha DamleAkshay AnaokarPrasanna GanapuleRavi Datar and Shreyas Bedekar

Please click  here for all the pictures of semi final event.

Earlier in 2012, BMM 2013 Convention Committee proudly announced 'COSMOS BMM सा रे ग म' 2013' - a first ever North America wide Marathi music competition with a grand finale during the Convention!!! This is an unparalleled opportunity for North American talent to showcase their performance at prime time in front of 4000 people from various parts of the world. 

Since early 2012, prelims have been held in 13 locations across North America. For a full list of prelim winners, click hereAfter a fierce competition at semi-finals on April 13, 2013, 6 finalists were selected to move forward to the Grand Finale. 

Come witness the Grand Finale during BMM Convention 2013!! Enjoy an evening of musical extravaganza as Prashant Damle and Priya Bapat anchor you through the splendid performances of the 6 finalists under the musical coordination of Kamlesh Bhadkamkar and team!! Finalists will receive encouragement and input from renowned judges such as Padmashree Padmaja Phenani-Joglekar and Rahul Deshpande. And to top all it all, enjoy exhilarating performances by Umesh Kamat, Bhargavi Chirmule, Vaibhav Mangle and Atisha Naik.

Please cheer up your favorite finalist by participating in the online voting !

SaReGaMa Online Voting

COSMOS BMM SaReGaMa 2013 Online Voting (Closed on 30th June 2013)

Who is your favorite singer?

The vote is already over! It ended on Sunday, 30.June 2013 (00:00).

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